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We’ve been here for a long time so for us, ranching in Colorado is a way of life for which we have a deep and abiding love. So when you buy a ranch in the Roaring Fork Valley, you’re more than our client, you’re our neighbor. And here, we know our neighbors.

Our relationship will begin with a conversation. And every conversation begins with us listening. Our goal is to understand your hopes and plans for the land, so we can help you find the property that best meets them. We’ll be clear about our commissions responsibilities and should we agree to work together, we’ll prepare a Strategic Management Objectives Plan that identifies:

  • The type and size of the property you’ll want.
  • The best locations in the Valley to serve your needs.
  • What third party or ancillary services you might need based on the Management Objectives Plan.
  • We Represent You Fiduciary Duty
    Homebuying Criteria

    Your Price Range

    We’ll prepare a Client Working Relationship Agreement that clearly states our responsibilities and commissions. When it’s signed, we’ll initiate a search and begin showing you properties. Helping you find the right ranch is one of the great rewards of what we do.

    When you’ve found the property that meets your criteria, we’ll prepare the Purchase Contract. If the Seller accepts, we’ll coordinate and assist with the closing, managing and coordinating every detail, so all goes smoothly.

    More Experience More Resources

    The Ranch Aspects team offers Colorado Ranch buyers an almost endless stream of resources, infomation and ranching connections throughout Colorado. We are here to ensure you are purchasing a property that fits your needs. With a combined experience in ranch management, water rights, land trust, habitiat and procurement, we will make sure you have the connections you need to build a legacy with your ranch property.

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