Preferred Resources

Preferred Resources & Services

As a neighbor, we’ll be there after the closing, doing what we can to help, using our network of contacts to connect you with the team it takes to run a ranch successfully. Many of these services are fee-based or provided by third parties.

Running the Ranch

Finding Management Personnel

We’ll help with the recruitment of on- and off-site management personnel familiar with the specific ranch activities desired. We can help to establish working relationships with businesses to consult on land management and agricultural needs including crop and grazing management and livestock production.

Marketing Ranch Products

We can offer assistance in developing a website from our award-winning in-house marketing department to help reach both local and global markets including specialty products produced on the ranch as well as purebred and registered livestock.


Put our in-house knowledge and connections with local brokers at your disposal to help with both the procuring and the sale of:

  • Specific equipment for haying and livestock handling.
  • Livestock, feed, and crops.
  • Farming essentials such as trucks and tractors.

    Recruiting Labor

    Use our knowledge of the local labor resources to find employees familiar with the everyday activities of working ranches, whether it be for sport and recreation, farming, or the exploration and mining of natural and mineral resources.

    Dealing with Legal and Governmental Issues

    Managing Land Trust Issues

    We’re able to provide references for and arrange consultations with land trust entities, attorneys, and other professionals with expertise in ranching related to:

  • State and local government regulatory issues, practices, and approvals.
  • Conservation easements and agreements.
  • Estate planning.
  • Tax strategies.
  • Financial planning.
  • Accounting.
  • Local land use planning and jurisdictional entitlements.

    Handling Water-Related Issues

    We can assist with the assessment and analysis of water resources, its historical uses, flow/storage amounts needed for continued ownership, preservation, and conservation efficiencies by:

  • Employing our in-house experience to collect relevant current and historic documentation.
  • Recommending an attorney experienced in water resource issues.
  • Utilizing government officials from agencies such as the Division of Water Resources and the NRCS.

    Dealing with Environmental and Habitat Issues

    Based on your plans for the property, we can provide experienced and certified individuals and entities that can help in determining the level of mitigation and enhancements needed to satisfy environmental and habitat issues for

  • Wildlife.
  • Enhanced Fisheries.
  • Preservation of endangered, threatened, and at-risk species.

    Ranch Aspects maintains close relationships with local companies experienced in environmental and/or refuse clean up, to assist with:
  • Septic clean-out and inspection.
  • Removal of old equipment, clutter and/or removal of unserviceable structures.
  • Removal and proper clean-up of any potentially hazardous materials from oil and gas drilling that may have occurred.

    Utilize our in-house expertise to help you find the best of current government programs that offer assistance with:
  • Erosion and salinity control.
  • Irrigation practices.
  • Grazing quality.
  • Weed control.

    Providing Non-Fee Based Services 

    We have developed long, lasting and trusted relationships with people who are not only good at their profession, but good to their word. A data base of key people, information and resources that can help you identify and establish strategic business alliances and with thoroughly vetted top-tier individuals, their businesses and related services. Each will be the start of a productive relationship.

  • Lenders
  • Appraisers
  • Survey companies
  • Land use planners
  • Attorneys
  • Accountants
  • Conservation professionals
  • General Contractors
  • Excavators
  • Custom farm operators
  • Feed Suppliers
  • Equipment dealers
  • Transportation providers
  • Livestock auction facilities